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Little Mama

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$ 64.00
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$ 64.00

Little mama is the smallest of our 3 apothecary candles.  This one holds 4.5 pints and is a $72 value, but sells for $64. (Keep in mind our pint candle burns 100 hours, and this is 4.5 pints.) Comes in a pretty, clear, apothecary jar with lid, and handmade muslin ribbon with our logo stamped on it.  Keep these wicks trimmed so your jar does not get too hot!!  Too much heat could cause the jar to burst.  We recommend you watch for a 1/3 inch wax melted across the top.  Anymore than that, you need to trim your wick.  shipping is pretty hefty on this baby, and could end up being $15 depending on where you are located. Please include your email when ordering so we can invoice you for shipping if needed, thank you.